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Where to do pilot training? India Vs Abroad. Explained by Capt. Bharat Singh Bisht

Which is the best country to do pilot training, for Indian students? India or any other foreign country? Capt. Bharat Singh Bisht explains advantages and disadvantages of pilot training in different countries. List of other videos are as follows. You may jump to any section by clicking the links below. Introduction Licenses Qualification Costs Flying […]

How to choose a pilot training academy? All points explained in Hindi

What are the points to check for choosing a pilot training academy? Should we be cautious about anything? Capt. Bharat Singh Bisht explains everything in detail with regard to this topic. Be sure to check this out before paying money to any school. List of other videos are as follows. You may jump to any […]

India or abroad? Where to do my pilot training?

I have heard this question from many aspirants from India. Whether it is good to do pilot training in India or should I go abroad? They are expecting answers for a number of questions through this single question. Cost of training, job opportunities, ease of exams and ease of obtaining ratings are the main concerns. […]