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Pilot Training Guide 2024 – Complete steps on becoming an airline pilot

Every year, Pilot18 publishes a complete guide on pilot training. 2024 being a very special year for aviation, we discuss with you the key points on how to become an airline/commercial pilot, step by step. In this article, we will discuss a lot many things. Below here is a complete list. Steps of becoming a […]

Commercial Pilot training in South Africa – A complete guide

South Africa, with its breathtaking landscapes and dynamic aviation industry, serves as an ideal destination for aspiring pilots seeking top-tier training. The country offers a unique blend of diverse environments, advanced training facilities, and a rich aviation history, making it a compelling choice for those with dreams of taking to the skies. Regulatory Framework: Civil […]

Air Regulations – Air Traffic Services exam

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Commercial Pilot training in India- A complete guide 2023

India, with its rich aviation history and rapidly growing aerospace sector, has become a prominent destination for aspiring pilots seeking world-class training. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the coastal landscapes, India offers a diverse training environment that contributes to the development of skilled aviators. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the regulatory […]

Commercial Pilot training in New Zealand- A complete guide

New Zealand, with its stunning landscapes and well-established aviation industry, has become a sought-after destination for aspiring pilots looking for a unique and comprehensive training experience. The country’s flight schools, diverse geography, and commitment to safety standards make it an ideal setting for individuals eager to take to the skies. In this guide, we delve […]

Commercial Pilot training in Canada- A complete guide

Canada, with its vast landscapes and robust aviation industry, has emerged as a preferred destination for aspiring pilots seeking high-quality training. Boasting world-class flight schools, rigorous regulatory standards, and diverse weather conditions, Canada offers a comprehensive and challenging environment for individuals pursuing a career in aviation. In this guide, we explore the regulatory framework, prominent […]

Commercial Pilot training in USA- A complete guide

The United States, with its expansive airspace, diverse landscapes, and world-renowned aviation infrastructure, stands as a global hub for aspiring pilots seeking top-tier training. From the iconic landscapes of coast to coast, the U.S. offers a multitude of flight schools and programs that cater to individuals pursuing various levels of aviation expertise. In this guide, […]

Best pilot training institute in Delhi

Which is the best pilot training institute in Delhi? Delhi, being one of the best aviation hubs in India, have got a lot of pilot training institutes. However only a few are consistent in giving quality training to cadets and procure bags consistent success in DGCA exams. Why some new institutes are NOT worthy enough? […]