Admission to Pilot training & Aviation courses

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Now getting admission to Pilot18 Pilot Training Academy and flying in India or abroad is just easy as 1,2,3. Please share your contact details, to begin with. We will contact you back shortly to fulfil your aviation dreams.

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DGCA pilot theory coaching in Trivandrum study center

Clearing the theory exams conducted by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the first step towards your pilot career. Pilot18, with its expertise in online and offline coaching, has already trained hundreds of students since inception. Our offline coaching program is backed by the first and only one of its kind pass or money back guarantee.

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Flying training in India

Pilot18 has got tie-up with several good performing flying clubs in India. We revise and revoke our tie-up and agreements based on performance of flying schools to ensure best quality training to the candidates we refer.

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Foreign Pilot license conversion to Indian License

Have you got your pilot training completed from some foreign country? We will help you convert your license to Indian license, by giving you enough training to clear the DGCA theory exams.

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Pilot training in South Africa

South Africa is well known for low-cost flying training and faster, easier procedures compared to that of India. We have reviewed many flying clubs in South Africa and has short-listed a few among them to refer students to. Interested candidates will be given thorough knowledge about the entire training program and will be monitored regularly till they complete their training and come back to India for license conversion.

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Pilot training in New Zealand

New Zealand is well known

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Pilot training in USA


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Pilot training in Canada


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Paragliding, Paramotoring and other aviation adventures


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Bachelor programs & MBA in Aviation


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Air hostess training

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Pilot career is your dream job from childhood? Wish to become a commercial pilot?  Let us help you achieve your dreams. Fill the form below to book admission in the best flying club for you. We will contact you to discuss the details. This is a simple 6 step guide.

For asking just your doubts and to join our whatsapp group, click here. or whatsapp/sms/call +91 9020649964

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How it works?

How much this service costs?

We have to find the suitable college for you, suiting your budget and to get the maximum possible benefits to you. That means, we have to work for each and every student. We used to get a lot of enquiries through this system, making it difficult to process everyone’s request for free. So we are forced to implement charges for this service, so as to keep this running. We charge a one-time payment for this service. The rates are:

  • 7000 Rs per student for 5 years for pilots and
  • 3000 Rs per student for 3 years, for other aviation courses (AME, Air hostess training, MBA etc)

For pilot courses, academies charge more for prospectus and related aspects and so, we are forced to charge a higher price. However, you get full value for money for what you spend, in the form of freebies and services.

Features PRO pilot (7000 Rs) AME & Other (3000 Rs)
Doubts clearing YES YES
Lowest cost guarantee YES YES
No hidden charges YES YES
Prospectus, forms, brochures included YES YES
Confirmed admission YES YES
Admission assistance YES YES
Full training-time assistance YES YES
Legal support & academy transfer YES NA
Placement assistance YES YES
Free Pilot club membership worth 3000/- Rs YES (3 years) NO
40 % off DGCA study packs for Indian trainees YES NA
Freebies YES (Full pack worth 3000/-) YES (Full pack worth 1000/)
Premium email YES (3 years) NO
  • Confirmed admission wont be available with selected academies with entrance exam and reservation quotas.
  • Admission assistance includes study materials to crack admission-entrance exams.
  • premium email means email id, directed to your current email address.

Why get admissions through

The main thing is that we DON’T work for academies for commissions or favors. We are not agents or resellers of any academies. Our working modal is entirely different from that of educational consultancies. We work for students to get the maximum benefit out of the money they spend and charge them a nominal fees for the service. We even recommend government owned flying academies if their performance is consitently good. Flying academies find us as a regular source of admission and provide additional benefits to students sourced from Benefits a student get includes:

  1. Doubts clearing session: Your entire doubts about the course and job will be cleared by one-to-one talk, by real professional pilots, engineers and air-hostesses. Usually, educational consultancies and agents can’t / don’t have this option.
  2. Lowest cost of training guaranteed : for any recommended academy. You may check with their actual prices prior to joining through us. You can avail 25,000 to 1.5 Lakhs of fees discount for pilot training and up-to 25,000 for other courses, from the regular price provided by the academy.We manage to get this by denying agent/referral/consultancy commissions offered by academies.
  3. No hidden charges : We know the entire costs which can come across during your training. No hidden charges or surprises at all. However, you should expect price differences due to fuel price changes and tax changes imposed by respective governments of the country.
  4. Prospectus, forms etc. included: You will be given every detail via email. It includes forms, prospectus, brochures etc. However, for forms requiring your signatures, you have to be present at the institution. It also includes study materials to crack entrance exams conducted by various academies.
  5. Confirmed admission : Once the procedure is finished through us, you can simple go and join the classes directly, following the procedures. However, for academies conducting entrance test for selecting students, we can’t guarantee this.
  6. Admission assistance: We will help you until you get admission and start your classes. We will guide you through each and every step clearly and will be just a call away to clear your doubts.
  7. Full training-time assistance: Be a need arise which calls for our intervention, we will be there to help you. To talk with academy management and to fairly sort out issues between you both. If academy fails to keep with their word, in the least possible circumstances, we will help you get refunds or find a better academy to continue with your training,
  8. Legal support and academy transfer: If you need some sort of legal advice to deal with hardships, we will offer it too. Also you can change your preferred academy if things not work as easy as they told.
  9. Placement assistance: We provide good placement assistance in aviation field to those who successfully finished their training. It includes airline coaching classes and providing information about latest job opportunities in the market. Usually, for foreign students, we provide placement assistance to work as safety pilots and instructors in flying academies. By this, they can earn a fairly good salary and increase their flying hours/experience.
  10. Pro pilot club membership : By becoming a PRO club member, you get a host of things a pilot should get. Read about our membership plan here.
  11. 40% Off on DGCA study materials: As you may know, we provide study materials for DGCA pilot trainees; ie Indian pilot trainees. By paying for admission assistance, you receives an exclusive coupon code to get flat 40% Off on our Gold DGCA pack. Learn more about that here,
  12. Freebies: You will get a kit of freebies related to aviation, which costs 3000 Rs (for pilots)  or 1000 Rs (for other courses). It includes premium keychains, visiting cards, pilot18 ID card, aviation instruments, books, apparels etc.
  13. Premium Email for 3 years: Grab your own personalised email address and get your emails delivered to your good old personal id inbox like gmail, yahoo etc. You can upgrade this for as long as you need by renewing PRO Club membership. This can be done through your own accounts page.

How get you the benefits and why educational consultancies can’t / won’t give?

We can’t afford for costly gifts we offer, by the money you pay. But famous aviation brands get targeted exposure to you by giving you gifts with their branding. So it is up to them to offer sponsored gifts. However, on average, the gifts costs about 3000 Rs, for pilots and 1000 Rs for other courses.
About support and assistance, Pilot18 is supported by a group of professional experienced pilots and aviation professionals in the back-end. We know the current aviation scenario and so we can guide new comers through the proper channel. The team is not given salary or incentives for canvassing or helping students, but they do it out of passion. Passion costs passion and not money. So the consultation becomes free.

Why can’t we give it for free?

We tried helping students for free, for a long time, exactly up to 19-8-2017. We were receiving a large number of comments, calls, messages etc. so that our team became exhausted and irritated. That was because of the fake calls and requests made by time-passers. So we were forced to make the service professional. To start with a paid service like this, we should improve the quality of service too. We formed a dedicated team of interested professionals, including pilots, for that. Now, we have framed a strategy of helping people through our service, professionally, step by step, from getting admission to getting a job.


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