Pilot18 presents the world’s largest repository of questions and study materials for EASA based commercial and airline pilot training. Our innovative system is unique and proven with guaranteed results. Backed by 100% money back guarantee, we are confident about our program. Online preparation courses for EASA pilot trainees and aspirants pursuing CPL and ATPL.

EASA 2020 Coaching programs

Choose the package you wish to join
Pack Name Price Buy/Join Link Access Link
EASA ATPL-A Gold Pack – 12 months  € 89 Buy Now / Join Click here
EASA ATPL-A Gold Pack – 18 months  € 125 Buy Now / Join Click here
Individual subjects (12 months) 
010  Air Law            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
021 AGK Airframes, Systems, Electrics, Powerplant            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
022 AGK Instrumentation            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
031 Mass & Balance            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
032 FPP Performance (A)            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
033 Flight planning & monitoring            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
034 Performance (H)            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
040 Human performance limitations            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
050 Meteorology            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
061 General Navigation            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
062 Radio Navigation            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
070 Operational Procedures            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
081 Principles of flight (A)            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
082 Principles of flight (H)            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here
090 Communications            € 19 Buy Now / Join Click here



Why should you choose Pilot18 EASA ground school coaching?

Our students and partner flying clubs have their own sweet reasons to select Pilot18 EASA programs to train themselves and their students. Some of the reasons might be those listed below:


1. Pass or Money back guarantee

(first and only one of its kind in the world)

2. 30,000 + questions database

(largest ever and regularly updated)

3. PDF Downloadable & Printable study materials

(universally preferred formats)

4. Cloud synced results & progress

(Never lose track of your studies)

5. Doubt clearing whatsapp/Telegram groups

(Never feel unattended again)


EASA subjects and exam details


SL. Subject Code Subject Title No of Questions Duration of exam
1 010 Air Law 44 1:00
2 021 AGK Airframes / Systems / Powerplant 80 2:00
3 022 AGK Instrumentation 60 1:30
4 031 Mass & Balance 25 1:15
5 032 FPP Performance (A) aeroplane 45 2:00
6 033 Flight Planning & Monitoring 42 2:00
7 034 Performance (H) helicopter 35 1:15
8 040 Human Performance 48 1:30
9 050 Meteorology 84 2:00
10 061 General Navigation 55 2:15
11 062 PBN Radio Navigation 66 1:30
12 070 Operational Procedures 42 1:15
13 081 Principles of Flight (A) aeroplane 46 1:30
14 082 Principles of Flight (H) helicopter 42 1:15
15 090 Communications 34 1:00


Course content (Click each link for details)

Course features:

  • Pass or 100% money back guarantee
  • Largest database of questions (40,000+ questions covered)
  • Integrated study materials
  • Online exams with scores and answer key to correct yourself
  • Results in your email inbox for future reference
  • Free video classes
  • Secure payment via paypal
  • Only for € 125 for 18 months of unlimited usage.

Join now at a flat 40% off. (Limited period offer)

Pay only € 125 now for 18 months unlimited access membership


010 Air Law

  • 010-01 International Law: Conventions, Agreements, Organizations
  • 010-02 Airworthiness of Aircraft
  • 010-03 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks
  • 010-04 Personnel Licensing
  • 010-05 Rules of the Air
  • 010-06 Procedures for Air Navigation – Aircraft Operations
  • 010-07 Air Traffic Services and Air Traffic Management
  • 010-08 Aeronautical Information Service
  • 010-09 Aerdromes (ICAO Annex 14)
  • 010-10 Facilitation (ICAO Annex 9)
  • 010-11 Search and Rescue
  • 010-12 Security
  • 010-13 Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
  • 010-14 Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 (the Basic Regulation)

021 Airframe, Systems, Electrics, Power Plant

  • 021-01 System Design, Loads, Stress, Maintenance
  • 021-02 Airframe
  • 021-03 Hydraulics
  • 021-04 Landing Gear, Wheels, Tyres, Brakes
  • 021-05 Flight Controls
  • 021-06 Pneumatics – Pressurization and Air Conditioning Systems
  • 021-07 Anti-Icing and De-Icing Systems
  • 021-08 Fuel System
  • 021-09 Electrics
  • 021-10 Piston Engines
  • 021-11 Turbine Engines
  • 021-12 Protection And Detection Systems
  • 021-13 Oxygen Systems
  • 021-14 Helicopter: Miscellaneous Systems
  • 021-15 Helicopter: Rotor Heads
  • 021-16 Helicopter: Transmissions
  • 021-17 Helicopter: Blades

022 Instrumentation

  • 022-01 Sensors And Instruments
  • 022-02 Measurement of Air Data Parameters
  • 022-03 Magnetism – Direct Reading Compass and Flux Valve
  • 022-04 Gyroscopic Instruments
  • 022-05 Inertial Navigation and Refrence Systems (INS and IRS)
  • 022-06 Aeroplane: Automatic Flight Control Systems
  • 022-07 Helicopter: Automatic Flight Control Systems
  • 022-08 Trims – Yaw Damper – Flight Envelope Protection
  • 022-09 Autothrottle – Automatic Thrust Control System
  • 022-10 Communication Systems
  • 022-11 Flight Management Systems (FMS)
  • 022-12 Alerting Systems, Proximity Systems
  • 022-13 Integrated Instruments – Electronic Displays
  • 022-14 Maintenance, Monitoring and Recording Systems
  • 022-15 Digital Circuits and Computers

031 Mass & Balance

  • 031-01 Purpose of Mass and Balance Considerations
  • 031-02 Loading
  • 031-03 Fundamentals of CG Calculations
  • 031-04 Mass and Balance Details of Aircraft
  • 031-05 Determination of CG Position
  • 031-06 Cargo Handling

032 Performance (Airplane)

  • 032-01 General
  • 032-02 Performance Class B – Single Engine Aeroplanes
  • 032-03 Performance Class B – Multi Engine Aeroplanes
  • 032-04 Performance Class A – Aeroplanes Certificated Under CS 25 Only

033 Flight Planning & Monitoring

  • 033-01 Flight Planning for VFR Flights
  • 033-02 Flight Planning for IFR Flights
  • 033-03 Fuel Planning
  • 033-04 Pre-Flight Preparation
  • 033-05 ICAO Fight Plan (ATS Flight Plan)
  • 033-06 Flight Monitoring and In-Flight Re-Planning

034 Performance (Helicopter)

  • 034-01 General
  • 034-02 Performance Class 3 – Single-Engine Helicopters Only
  • 034-03 Performance Class 2
  • 034-04 Performance Class 1 – Helicopters Certificated Under CS 29 Only

040 Human Performance & Limitations

  • 040-01 Human Factors: Basic Concepts
  • 040-02 Basics of Flight Physiology
  • 040-03 Basic Aviation Psychology

050 Meteorology

  • 050-01 The Atmosphere
  • 050-02 Wind
  • 050-03 Thermodynamics
  • 050-04 Clouds and Fog
  • 050-05 Precipitation
  • 050-06 Airmasses and Fronts
  • 050-07 Pressure Systems
  • 050-08 Climatology
  • 050-09 Flight Hazards
  • 050-10 Meteorological Information

061 General Navigation

  • 061-01 Basics of Navigation
  • 061-02 Magnetism and Compasses
  • 061-03 Charts
  • 061-04 Dead Reckoning Navigation (DR)
  • 061-05 In-Flight Navigation
  • 061-06 Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

062 Radio Navigation

  • 062-01 Basic Radar Principles
  • 062-02 Radio Aids
  • 062-03 Radar
  • 062-05 Area Navigation Systems RNAV/FMS
  • 062-06 Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • 062-07 PBN

070 Operational Procedures

  • 070-01 General Requirements
  • 070-02 Special Operational Procedures and Hazards
  • 070-03 Emergency Procedures (Helicopter)

081 Principles of Flight (Airplane)

  • 081-01 Subsonic Aerodynamics
  • 081-02 High Speed Aerodynamics
  • 081-03 Intentionally Left Blank
  • 081-04 Stability
  • 081-05 Control
  • 081-06 Limitations
  • 081-07 Propellers
  • 081-08 Flight Mechanics

082 Principles of Flight (Helicopter)

  • 082-01 Subsonic Aerodynamics
  • 082-02 Transonic Aerodynamics and Compressibility Effects
  • 082-03 Rotorcraft Types
  • 082-04 Main Rotor Aerodynamics
  • 082-05 Main Rotor Mechanics
  • 082-06 Tail Rotors
  • 082-07 Equilibrium, Stability, and Control
  • 082-08 Helicopter Flight Mechanics

090 Communications (IFR, VFR)

  • 091-01 Definitions
  • 091-02General Operating Procedures
  • 091-03 Relevant Weather Information Terms (VFR)
  • 091-04 Action Required to Be Taken in Case of Communication Failure
  • 091-05 Distress and Urgency Procedures
  • 091-06 General Principles of VHF Propagation and Frequency Allocation


  • 092-01 Definitions
  • 092-02 General Operating Procedures
  • 092-03 Action Required to Be Taken in Case of Communication Failure
  • 092-04 Distress and Urgency Procedures
  • 092-05 Relevant Weather Information Terms (IFR)
  • 092-06 General Principles of VHF Propagation and Frequency Allocation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Question: Can I access all content after buying a single membership? Or, I should purchase separate packages?
Answer: As of now, all content are included in the full packages, with differing validities. Buy one single package and all is accessible to you. If you purchase a single subject, you can access content of that particular subject only.

2. Question: What is the validity of the program?
Answer: Validity of EASA program is 18months and 12 months from the date of purchase. Individual subject packs are valid for 12 months.

3. Question: How should I use this program?
Answer: Step 1. Buy the program first, by paying the fees. You will have to create an account with us, during purchase. Provide your name, email and other details to start with. Your details will be safe with us and we wont share or store them for any other purposes than required for coaching.
Step 2. Login to your account.
Step 3. You can access all study materials and download links now, required for your training.
Step 4. Learn each and every subject based on the day-by-day syllabus recommended by us, from the study materials provided.
Step 5. Attempt topic-wise exams of the topic you learned that day.
Step 6. You will get results of exams by email and in the results page after finishing an exam. Learn from your mistakes and attempt again till you make no mistakes.
Step 7. Finish all chapters in the same manner till all subjects are finished.
Step 8. Attempt main-subjectwise exams after learning all chapters of a subject. Your aim is to score 90+ in subjectwise exams. Once you achieve it, you are ready to face the real exam.
Step 9. Crack the EASA exam in the very next attempt.

4. Question: What is the moneyback guarantee?
Answer: This is an assurance we give our students. Once a student start getting 90+ score in our subjectwise exam, he/she is ready to pass the real exam. If a student fails in real exam after scoring 90+ in our trial exams, we will refund the money he/she paid. However, the gap between last attempt in our system, scoring 90+, and real exam should not be more than 3 days. This ensures that the student is in touch with the topic.

5. Question: How many devices can I use at a time?
Answer: To prevent fraudulent usage of our system, we implied a protection setup which restrict multiple logins from a single membership. You may use only one device at a time, to access our program. If you are switching to a new device, make sure that you logged out from other devices. Multiple access once detected will cause temporary suspension of account. If it persists, your account may get fully blocked. No refunds shall be issued for such cases.

6. Question: Can I download entire pack/single pack to my computer/device?
Answer: You can’t. You should be online to attend exams and get results. However, the system uses a very little amount of data.

7. Question: Can I share my username and password to my friend?
Answer: Sorry, No. One membership is meant for a single student. For bulk memberships, send an email to support@pilot18.com with your requirements explained. If more than 2 devices are found to be accessing exams of same user, the account will get blocked. You can unblock it through special request explaining the reason. But if it gets repeated, your account will be permanently deleted and no refunds will be issued for that.

8. Question: Can I extend the validity of program?
Answer: Nope. But you may purchase the plan again with a 30%  OFF coupon. However, it is unnecessary as you will pass within the validity.

9. Question: Can I access exams through pilot18 app?
Yes you can access.

10. Question: What if I have any other specific doubt?
Answer: You may contact us through whatsapp on this number for immediate response and assistance: +91 9020649964 (Aanand)



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