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Commercial Pilot training in India- A complete guide 2023

India, with its rich aviation history and rapidly growing aerospace sector, has become a prominent destination for aspiring pilots seeking world-class training. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the coastal landscapes, India offers a diverse training environment that contributes to the development of skilled aviators. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the regulatory […]

10 Step guide to commercial pilot training in India

We got a lot of queries and doubts regarding pilot training in India. In this article we will cover all doubts we have got till date in our Youtube channel, whatsapp group and through website. For easy understanding, this is made as a 12 step guide to become a pilot. All steps are equally important […]

India or abroad? Where to do my pilot training?

I have heard this question from many aspirants from India. Whether it is good to do pilot training in India or should I go abroad? They are expecting answers for a number of questions through this single question. Cost of training, job opportunities, ease of exams and ease of obtaining ratings are the main concerns. […]

Cost of pilot training in India-A split down analysis

Many students recently asked me about cost of doing pilot training in India. No one is aware of real costs while joining training with some academy. Here is a split-down analysis of costs involved in commercial pilot training. The values are approximate ones during the time of writing and may change anytime. I will try […]

Pilot training in India & list of DGCA approved flying academies

Pilot training in India is controlled by DGCA or Directorate General of Civil Aviation. It is an Indian Government body which deals with licensing of civil aircrafts, aviation licenses like aerodrome licensing, pilot license issuing, AME license issuing etc. There are more than 30 flying training academies in India giving training for aspiring pilots to […]