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Commercial Pilot training in South Africa – A complete guide

South Africa, with its breathtaking landscapes and dynamic aviation industry, serves as an ideal destination for aspiring pilots seeking top-tier training. The country offers a unique blend of diverse environments, advanced training facilities, and a rich aviation history, making it a compelling choice for those with dreams of taking to the skies. Regulatory Framework: Civil […]

8 Ways to reduce commercial pilot training costs

pilot training cost reduction

Pilot training is a costly affair, be it anywhere in the world. It is because of costs involved in training, like license fees for academies to be paid to the concerned authorities, huge salaries to be paid to the instructors, maintenance costs of aircrafts, fuel cost, regular running costs of the institution etc. However, trainee […]

Top 10 commercial pilot training institutes in India

India is known for a number of flying clubs which conducts commercial pilot training for enthusiastic cadets. DGCA or Directorate general of civil aviation, which is the controlling authority of civil and commercial aviation in India, permits various pilot licenses like PPL, CPL and ATPL for training pilots of various levels. Of these, CPL is […]

Carver Aviation Academy, Baramati, Maharashtra-pilot training institute India-2016

Carver aviation academy is one of the best flying clubs in India which comes in the top 10 list of flying clubs. With 11 aircrafts, they accomplish a great deal in flying training in India. Here goes a comparative review of Carver to see whether it will suit your wish to become a pilot. For: […]

GATI Govt. Aviation pilot training institute, Bhuvaneshwar-review 2016

Government Aviation Training Institute, Bhuvaneswar is one of the best Govt. undertaken flying clubs in India and the second best Govt. operated flying club in India, behind only to IGRUA, Rae Bareily. GATI is situated in Bhuvaneswar, Odisha and is a well connected flying club. Here goes the complete review of the flying club to […]

CAE Oxford Gondia flying club Madhyapradesh-Pilot training institute India-reviewed 2016

CAE Oxford is a large group of pilot training institutions with presence in about 9 international locations. In India, they operate a flying club in Gondia in Madhyapradesh, which is the best private sector flying academy in India. They have a large fleet of aircrafts including multi engine ones. However, fees rate is also among […]

Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics-AAA-pilot training institute India reviewed 2016

Ahmedabad aviation & aeronautics is a leading pilot training institute, which comes in the top 10 pilot training academies in India. It is also one of the oldest and functional pilot training centers in India with more than 70 years of heritage. More than 400 students have trained successfully at AAA since its inception, according […]

7 Questions to ask before selecting a flying academy for pilot training

What are your doubts in joining pilot training courses in India or abroad? You may be concerned about food accommodation, study materials etc. which are important in some sense. But from the point of view of an aviator, there are something more important than these. Usually, no assurance in these questions can put in you […]

Chimes Aviation Academy, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh-reviewed 2016

Chimes Aviation Academy or CAA as they call themselves, is a premier flying club in India offering best flying training for commercial pilots in India, behind only to IGRUA. With about 120 pilots flying out a year, Chimes is simply the fastest in training. Here goes the complete review of Chimes, as on Feb 2015. […]

Orient Flight school Puducherry-pilot training institute reviewed-2016

Orient flight school in Puducherry is one of the pioneering institute in commercial pilot training in India with a large fleet of 13 aircrafts, operating in south India. With about 20 years of experience, they have produced hundreds of pilots till date. Here is a detailed review of OFS, to help our visitors know much […]