Full list of Paragliding schools & courses in India

Paragliding is one of the simplest forms of human flight using an inflatable bow shaped wing made of nylon where human body is hung and supported using Kevlar fibers called raisers, which is then controlled manually to maneuver in air. Unlike balloons, it is a heavier than air flying device and generates lift by the motion of air through its surfaces. Pilot is suspended in air virtually, allowing maximum contact with air and he soars up and down at his wish just like a bird. In average, a paraglider can stay about 2-3 hours in air and can even climb more than 15,000 ft height. Weather is a constraint in flying and that makes paragliding almost impossible during turbulent windy days and during rainy season, especially during June to September in India.

Paragliding requires no fuels and radio aids and so, is one of the cheapest methods of air travel, in the sense. Hence one can experience the taste of flying for a much cheaper price than needed for a full-fledged pilot training course. In India, there are a few paragliding clubs which offer practice and teaching courses of paragliding in various places. In this article, we are familiarizing a few of them.


We have made arrangements with each and every paragliding schools listed below so that pilot18 visitors/subscribers will get discounts in prices from normal tariffs offered by them to the public. Registration with us can be done either by filling out the form below or contacting us through phone at:

+91 9020649964 or +919043079450

Register with Pilot18 to avail discount from current fees, after direct study of programs.

1. Paragliding Kerala (Vagamon, Munnar)

In Munnar, a hill-station in Kerala state in India, paragliding is offered routinely for the last ten years and is going on. It costs around 18,000 Rupees for 1 week course including food, accommodation and equipment charges.

2. Space Apple, Mumbai

www.paraglidingmumbai.com Contact: samsondsilva@gmail.com . Phone: +91 98224 99281

They offers paragliding and other related sports like paramotoring, parasailing, paramotoring tandem flying etc. in Maharashtra. For paragliding, they offers 2 types of courses (P1 and P2) for both beginners and intermediates. Fees of one course is set at 18,000 as of now. They also conduct certification programs for paragliding as a full course. You can even avail a one-day workshop course to get in touch with the basics.

3. Xtacee paragliding club, Jaynagar, Bangalore

www.flynandi.com  Contact: +91 080-26652427

Xtacee is a renowned pg flying club in India with good expertise in the field. Though a bit overpriced in paragliding they are very much concerned about the safety of cadets. They offer an one week training in paragliding and a course for tandem flying in which you will be accompanied by an experienced pilot to keep fears out of you. Single flights are priced at 2000 Rs per flight of 20-30 mins approx. However, pilot18.com visitors can avail huge discounts.


4. Fly Birbilling, Dharmsala, Himalayas

www.flybirbilling.com  Contact: +91 9816925470  Email: flybirbilling@gmail.com

Flybirbilling offers 3 different types of courses like P1, P2 and P3 for various skill levels of paragliding. You will get enough proficiency during this course and will become a good flyer at the end of the course. You will be provided with logbooks and certificates at the end of successful completion of each course.

Pilot18 is a good partner of Birbilling and you can get good discounts in any course offered by them, when registered with us.


5. Fly Nirvana, Kamshet, Maharashtra

www.flynirvana.com    Contact: +91-22-26053724    Email: info@flynirvana.com

Fly Nirvana, Pune offers 4 types of courses in paragliding. It includes a 2 days, 3 days, Elementary pilot course and a club pilot course. This is a step by step program to make you proficient in the skill from the beginners level to the most advanced in matter of a few days. They even offer tandem flying for timid cadets and for those who just want to experience the in-air feeling without wishing to know anything about the technical side. With about 17 years of experience in the field, Nirvana is one of the oldest and most experienced flying clubs for paragliding in India, as of now.


6. Temple pilots, Kamshet

www.templepilots.com    Contact: +91 9970053359, +91 9920120243   

Email: fly@templepilots.com

Templepilots.com offers a wide range of flying programs in pg. They offers a 10 day certificate course in pg, accredited by Association of Professional Pilots & Instructors, Switzerland (APPI). Though the certification has nothing to do with paragliding in India, it is yet a worthy addon as far as it is considered as a course. 10 day course costs you about 37,500 Rs for flying only and will costs about 50,000 Rs including food and accommodation. However, Pilot18.com visitors will get good discounts from this flat rate.

Templepilots is a renowned flying academy with tour operating centers in Yelagiri in Tamilnadu, Pokhra in Nepal, Bali in Indonesia, Birbilling in Himalayas and Kamshet Maharashtra.


7. Indus Paragliding, Mumbai

www.indusparagliding.in   Contact: +91 7798111000   Email: fly@indusparagliding.in

One of the best pg flying clubs in India, Indus offers 2 paragliding certification courses of 4 days each with an Elementary pilot rating and a Club rating costing 18,500 Rs each. Two workshop courses without certification is also there costing 9,500 Rs and 14,000 Rs each. They also offer tandem joyrides for tourists. They also deal with a variety of paragliding equipment from a number of dealers as well.


8. Skyventures inc, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

www.skyventuresinc.com  Contact: +91 9460481356   Email: sales@skyventuresinc.com

Skyventures is not just a paragliding club. It is an all-in-one institution in the arena. They offer hang gliding training, paramotoring training, aerial photography, aerial flower dropping, aerial advertisements, Sale of paramotor cages, propellers etc. They offer competitive fees for each training programs as well.

Hope this article is useful and informative. Feel free to comment and ask queries through comment section below.

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7 thoughts on “Full list of Paragliding schools & courses in India

  1. Kencho dorji says:

    I am from Bhutan and want to attend a paragliding course for solo independent licence(p3).
    What are the procedures to register and what are the course fee in order to get that licence.
    An early response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you
    Kencho Dorji

  2. Nestor Dzokoto says:

    My name is Nestor Dzokoto. I come from Ghana and will want to know the cost of training and acquiring a license .
    You may include cost of accommodation.

  3. Sunny says:

    Skyventures in Jodhpur seems to be a bullshit place. I called 3-4 times. First te number was busy then no reply………funny !!

  4. Anuj Bajpai says:

    I wish to do it full time as a profession. Please guide considering that I will be quitting an accomplished career as an automobile engineer for it.
    Wish to do it this year itself. Would like to know the following,
    1. Course/certification required for commercial tandem pilot. (if the certification is accredited in India only)
    2. Course fees.
    3. Duration of course.
    4. Best institute to do it.
    5. Prospects of Job as a tandem pilot/average compensation for beginner

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