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PPL Composite Air Navigation day by day preparation

Study Materials Download(Question banks, Ebooks) Video classes (Youtube premium content) DGCA like online trial exams To start with, let us go through the main sections of the syllabus. It can be divided into General Navigation (10 days) Instrumentation  (7 days) Radio Navigation  (10 days) Mass and Balance  (7 days) Aircraft Performance  (7 days) GENERAL NAVIGATION Day 1,2. […]

PPL Composite Aviation Meteorology day by day preparation

Day 1 (Atmosphere basics) Topics you should learn today Today we will study about the basic features of earth’s atmosphere. It includes composition of atmosphere and its vertical distribution layers, temperature, heat transfer, lapse rate, effects of solar radiation, conduction, convection etc. Diurnal variations, effects of clouds and wind are also included. Theory study Video […]