Area Control Service Question Bank for DGCA Air Regulations

1. What are the two principal processes of air traffic management?
a) Air traffic control and traffic flow management
b) Air traffic control and Aircraft system maintenance
c) Traffic flow management and Aircraft system maintenance
d) Aircraft system maintenance and Radio communication

2. Who provides assurance between the collision of aircraft with another aircraft or terrain?
a) ATM
b) Pilot
c) FMS
d) Autopilot

3. ATM also aids in search and rescue.
a) True
b) False

4. Which of the following ensures standardization of ATM services worldwide?
a) FAA
c) IAO

5. Who are not required to contact the ATM for navigation?
a) VFR operator
b) Co-pilot
c) Pilot
d) IFR operator

6. The aircraft whose attitude reference is solely based on the natural horizon follow ______
a) VFR
b) IFR
c) Pilot
d) FAA commands

7. Who is responsible for the separation of an aircraft from other aircraft in a controlled airspace?
a) ATM operator
b) Pilot
c) Co-pilot
d) Navigator

8. What is the minimum visibility when flying below 10,000ft and following VFR?
a) One nautical mile
b) One kilometer
c) One statute mile
d) One mile

9. What altitude does FL540 correspond to?
a) 54,000ft
b) 5.4 ft
c) 54 ft
d) 5400 ft

10. The lateral displacement error of the aircraft form the intended track given the course deviation signal is called as?
a) Navigation error
b) Pilot error
c) Flight technical error
d) Instrumental error

11. In class A-airspace
a) All flights are permitted.
b) Only VFR flights are permitted.
c) Only IFR flights are permitted. d) SPL VFR flights are permitted.

12. In class D air space
a) IFR & VFR flights are permitted & all flights are subject to Air Traffic Control
b) IFR flights are separated from other IFR flights & receive information in respect of VFR flights
c) VFR flights receive traffic information about other flights
d) All are correct

13. Route guides are required to be carried in
a) All aircraft
b) All private aircraft
c) Aircraft involved in scheduled transport services
d) All aircraft engaged in aerial work

14. ADC clearance is required to be obtained
a) On a cross country flight
b) For all aircraft operating within ADIZ
c) When returning to base on the same day
d) It is not required when returning to base on the same day

15. Pilots log book is to be preserved for
a) 5 years from the date of starting the log book
b) 5 years from the date of last entry
c) 3 yrs from the date of last entry
d) 10 yrs from the date of last entry

16. A double white cross displayed on a signal square indicate
a) Area not fit for the use of aircraft
b) Gliding in progress
c) Take permission before landing
d) Prohibited area

17. Medical for a CPL holder is valid for
a) 2 years
b) 1 year
c) 1 year if age is less than 40 years
d) 2 years if the age is less than 40 years

18. Letter ‘W’ in ATS Route designator indicates:
a) Domestic routes
b) International routes
c) Regional routes
d) None of the above

19. Position report is required to be given when
a) Crossing an FIR
b) Over a compulsory reporting point
c) If so required by ATC
d) All are correct

20. Aerodrome data and facilities are given in
a) Aeradio
b) AIP
c) Notams

21. The highest point on the landing area is called:
a) Aerodrome elevation
b) Runway elevation
c) ARP
d) Threshold elevation

22. Anti-collision light is a light:
a) Red in color affixed on top of the control tower
b) A red light on the port wing of the aircraft
c) A red light visible 30deg above and below the horizon of the aircraft which is visible in all directions
d) The navigation lights of any aircraft are called anti-collision lights

23. Operational Manual is:
a) Prepared by the manufacturer and authorized by operator
b) Prepared by the DGCA and authorized by operator
c) Prepared by the operator and authorized by manufacturer
d) Prepared by the operator and authorized by the DGCA

24. An aircraft is commencing descend from its initial FL 290 over Palam Airport. The altimeter reads 12000 ft. The commander will report his vertical distance to the ATC in terms of:
a) 12000’ Altitude
b) F 120
c) 12000’ A.G.L
d) 12000’ AMSL

25. An aircraft is following a track of 179º (M) on a VFR plan. The choice of flight levels available to the pilot is:
a) 50,70,90,150,170,190,210,230,250,270,290
b) 55,75,95,155,175,195,215,235,255,275,295
c) 50,70,90,110,130,160,180,200,220,240,260,280
d) 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 155, 175, 195, 215, 235, 255, 275

26. A horizontal red square panel with one yellow diagonal means:
a) Do not land for the time being
b) Landings Prohibited
c) Aircraft are to land Take off & Taxi on runways and taxi ways only
d) Special precaution while landing should be taken because of the bad state of the Maneuvering area

27. The visibility minima for those Airlines who have not filed their own Minima with the DGCA for an airport for Non Precession approach is:
a) 1500’
b) 1500 meters
c) 5 Nm
d) 3.7 km

28. Max flying hours for a flight crew in one year is: ______ hrs
a. 200
b. 900
c. 1200
d. 1000

29. Aerodrome operation minima is given by
b) Operator
c) Operator & is approved by DGCA
d) India Met Department

30. If the age of a CPL holder is more than 40 years the validity of medical is for_________             a) 1 yr
b) 6 months
c) 2 yrs
d) 5 yrs

31. If a passenger falls sick on board an a/c and he is suspected of any infectious disease then PIC’s action is:
a) To land immediately
b) To inform health officer of destination aerodrome at least two hrs before landing
c) To inform DGCA
d) To inform doctor on board

32. The wreckage of crashed aircraft on R/W/ can be removed to:
a) Extricate dead animals & persons
b) Extricate animals & persons, dead or alive
c) Permit movement of other aircraft
d) All of the above are correct

33. The aircraft force lands at an uncontrolled aerodrome, it can take off again:
a) With the permission of DGCA
b) Without the permission of controller of Aerodrome
c) With the permission of nearest aerodrome control tower
d) Matter is to be reported to DGCA as an incident

34. Wake turbulence separation minima for Takeoff, if a light aircraft is to take off behind a heavy or a medium aircraft is:
a) 2 minutes
b) 3 minutes
c) 5 minutes
d) Non of the above

35. All flights above_________ flight levels are to be cleared IFR irrespective of weather Conditions:
a) F 280
b) F 150
c) F 140
d) F 100

36. Dropping of paper leaf lets require the permission of:
a) Aerodrome
b) Local District Magistrate
c) Operator

37. If there is a temporary change in the aeronautical services it is intimated through
a) AIP
b) AIC

38. The highest flight level that can be flown in India is
a) 460
b) 450
c) 440
d) 400

39. The duty time of the trainee pilot:
a) Is calculated as per the FDTL
b) Is not affected by the FDTL
c) Is the time calculated from take off to landing?
d) Is from “chokes off” time to “chokes on” time

40. A pilot can fly an aircraft which is not entered in the aircraft rating of his license for endorsement on his license
a) With in 5 nm of an aerodrome
b) With in Local Flying Area of the aerodrome
c) Any where
d) Cannot fly

41. A pilot can fly in 30 consecutive days
a) 100 hrs PIC & 50 hrs as Co pilot
b) 100 hrs PIC & 30 hrs as Co pilot
c) 120 hrs PIC & 20 hrs as Co pilot
d) 120 hrs PIC & 10 hrs as Co pilot
42. When an aircraft is being refueled, the refueling must be stopped if a jet aircraft crosses with in a distance of:
a) 15 meters
b) 30 meters
c) 43 meters
d) 45 meters

43. At an aerodrome the aerobatics are to be carried out above 6000 feet
a) Beyond 4 nm of perimeter of aerodrome
b) Within 2 nm of nearest perimeter of aerodrome
c) Beyond 5 nm of nearest perimeter of aerodrome
d) Beyond perimeter of aerodrome

44. The FDR has record of operation of proceeding
a) 25 hours
b) 20 hours
c) 15 hours
d) 10 hours

45. The CVR has the capability of recording information
a) One hour or more
b) At least 30 minutes
c) At least 15 minutes
d) There is no minimum limit

46. The CVR is fitted in an aircraft to
a) Monitor the performance of the aircraft
b) Help in accident investigation
c) Both are correct
d) None of the above

47. The FDR is fitted in an aircraft to
a) Monitor the performance of the aircraft
b) Help in accident investigation
c) Both are correct
d) None of the above

48. The most effective way to use eyes at night is
a) Focus only at dim lights at a distance
b) Flutter eyes rapidly
c) Scan slowly to center off vision
d) Focus only on bright lights

49. A report received from an aircraft giving a position and /or met report is called
a) Met report
b) Position report
c) Air report
d) All of the above

50. During flight as a pilot you are subjected to unlawful interference .On SSR you should to set
a) Mode A code 7500
b) Mode A code 7600
c) Mode A code 7700
d) Mode C code 7500

51. ADC is not required
a) Local flying area up to 2000’
b) Within 5 nm of an aerodrome up to 1000’
c) Aerodrome Traffic zone up to 1000’
d) Below 5000’ AMSL anywhere Ans. b)

52. What information is included in the third section of an Air report?
a) Air Temperature, Icing, Turbulence
b) Spot Wind, Icing, Cloud above
c) Spot Wind, Air Temperature, Icing, Turbulence
d) ETA Destination

53. A fresh flight plan is to be filled if a scheduled flight is delayed by more than
a) One hour
b) 30 minutes
c) 15 minutes
d) 5 minutes

54. The designators for worldwide ATS routes are in which color
a) White
b) Red & Green
c) Red, Green, Blue & Amber
d) Red, Green, Blue, Amber & White

55. The minimum wake turbulence time separation for a heavy aircraft to land behind a heavy aircraft is:
a) 2 minutes
b) 3 minutes
c) 5 minutes
d) Not required

56. The air report contains following items:
a) Air temperature, Turbulence, Surface wind & aircraft Icing
b) Turbulence, upper winds & surface temperature
c) Air temperature, Turbulence, Upper winds & aircraft Icing
d) All are correct

57. An aircraft can fly over a danger area
a) If a NOTAM is issued that it is not active
b) With the permission of ATC
c) Outside the stipulated time
d) Cannot fly at all

58. At an aerodrome special VFR may be authorized when
a) Visibility falls below 5 km or cloud ceiling is less than 1500 feet
b) Visibility falls below 5 km or cloud ceiling is less than 1500 feet
c) Visibility falls below 8 km or cloud ceiling is less than 1500 feet
d) Visibility falls below 8 km or cloud ceiling is less than 1000 feet

59. A series of red and green projectiles fired at an interval of 10 sec means
a) Aircraft is flying over danger area
b) Aircraft is flying over prohibited area
c) Aircraft is flying over restricted area
d) All of the above are correct


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